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Application of 01-standard POF shrink film

Article Source:en.xindapacking.com

Published Time:2016/6/22 10:04:53

01-standard POF shrink film is commonly used in the convenience of food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially the shrink label is its most important application areas. Because with the rapid development of PET beverage bottles, such as coke, Sprite, a variety of fruit juice beverage bottles need pet heat shrinkable film matched with the heat sealing label, they belong to the same kind of polyester, is environment friendly materials, easy recycling use.

01-standard POF shrink film, in addition to being used as shrinkage label, is also applied to the outer package of daily goods. Because it can not only protect the packaged goods avoid impact, rainproof, moisture-proof, anti rust and make products to printing beautiful packaging to win customers, at the same time it can well demonstrate the good image of the manufacturer. More and more packaging manufacturers use printing shrink film to replace the traditional transparent film. Because the printing shrink film can improve the appearance of the product grade, is conducive to product advertising, can make the brand in the minds of consumers have a profound impression.