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Application of polyethylene thermal contraction film in various fields

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Published Time:2016/6/22 10:21:33

Heat shrinkable film in accordance with international standards of elaborate miniature heat shrink packaging equipment, with has the advantages of simple operation, wide application range, good sealing performance, high transparency, low cost, high grade characteristics, suitable for small batch products packaging. Heat shrinkable film machine and labeling machine on-line use, composed of a set of standard shrink machine line, widely used in medicine, food, drinks, cultural activities, ceramics, chemical, auto parts, textile, electronic and audio-video products totally enclosed heat shrinkable packaging, is after the packaging line marked contraction machinery. Which PE heat shrinkable film especially for packing in the large size and irregular objects, solve the difficult problem in the world in the field of object specific packaging, and now this new type of packaging is no longer needed any packaging and wooden box, greatly reduces the cost of packaging enterprises. The operation of heat shrinkable packaging in foreign countries has been applied widely in machinery, ships, yacht, wood and wood products, baths, engine and motor, storage areas, elevator, elevator, building tools, scaffolding, aircraft, aircraft engines and parts, metal parts and materials, large pipe, cement and concrete or brick, furniture, and outdoor storage of any large size objects.