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Market prospect of 01-standard POF shrink film

Article Source:en.xindapacking.com

Published Time:2016/6/22 10:20:20

01-standard POF shrink film are widely used in all fast food food, lactic acid food, beverage, food, beer cans, all kinds of wine, agricultural and sideline products, dry food, native products, such as packaging. In the area of non food application increasingly, also, such as tag and caps, sealing, fiber, and clothing, aerosol products, sporting goods, electrical products, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, oil, detergent, stationery, toys, office supplies, kitchen supplies, daily necessities, sundry goods, building, building materials, etc.. At present, the application of polyolefin heat shrinkable film in the domestic market mainly showed the following characteristics:
(1) has been widely used in the field of fast food, ceramic products, tea sets, machinery parts and components;
(2) in the military machinery, hardware tool using heat shrinkable film and gas phase antirust technology combined alternative to the antirust oil, antirust ability enhancement, is of great significance.
(3) heat shrink film is also the protection of the building and transportation materials. The product is suitable for the packaging of a number of products and the packaging of the tray, which is convenient for transportation, easy to sell, easy to realize mechanization, labor saving and material saving, and can be partly replaced by cartons and wooden cases;
(4) for a variety of PET bottles of beer, beverage labels, can reduce the process to get rid of the label, easy to recycle;
(5) for the use of bottled beer instead of tying ropes to prevent the explosion of bottled beer.