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[2016-06-22] Development and application of 01 Standard POF shrink film
01 StandardPOF shrink film is a tough, high degree of transparency bi-directionalcontraction of heat shrinkable film, in the packaging process of contractionXiaolu stable, balanced, including the compl…
[2016-06-22] Application and Prospect of 01-standard POF shrink film
As the main consumption areas polyethylene plastic film, due to its multi should be used for the terminal consumption and transport links, the development of the relationship between the demand growth …
[2016-06-22] Development of polyethylene (PE) thermal shrinkage film
As a kind of low cost, high production efficiency, excellent appearance and efficient logistics, PE thermal shrinkage film has been widely used in the field of beverage and beer in the developed countr…
[2016-06-22] Application of polyethylene thermal contraction film in various fields
Heat shrinkable film in accordance with international standards of elaborate miniature heat shrink packaging equipment, with has the advantages of simple operation, wide application range, good sealing…
[2016-06-22] Market prospect of 01-standard POF shrink film
01-standard POF shrink film are widely used in all fast food food, lactic acid food, beverage, food, beer cans, all kinds of wine, agricultural and sideline products, dry food, native products, such as…
[2016-06-22] Seven characteristics of 01-standard POF shrink film
(1) has the advantages of beautiful appearance, close to the goods, so it is also called body packaging, suitable for all kinds of different shapes of commodity packaging; (2) and good protection, if t…