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Heavy Packing Film

Heavy Packing Film

Product Introduce:The heavy packing polyolefin(POF) shrink films are widely used in packing materials which in rolls. It enhances the look of the package, maintains product quality, blocks dust and dirt, provides tamper…
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Our heavy packing films are polyolefin(POF) shrink films that are widely applied for packing products of large size and weight. The POF shrink film is known for its versatile nature. It can withstand bad climatic conditions. So it is used to wrap large items such as boats and cars during the winter. POF shrink films mostly come with UVI protection to avoid damages caused by ultraviolet rays. EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is added with polyethylene shrink films to keep them soft and flexible in winter. This heavy duty shrink film is available in eye-catching colors and attractive prints. Benefits of our heavy packing films are:


√  Enhances the look of the package

√  Maintains product quality

√  Blocks dust and dirt

√  Tamper evident/resistant

√  Recyclable

POF shrink films outside & packing tapes inside

POF shrink films outside & packing tapes inside

After years of manufacturing this product, we have been cooperated and maintained good relationship with several well-knowed brands. Our heavy packing films work well with one step shrink wrap machines by sleeve wrapping or over wrapping. The sleeve open ends of products after packing can be remained open or totally enclosed by the film. Customized thickness, size and printing arts all are available for the heavy packing film.

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