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Application situation prospect of 01-standard POF shrink film

Article Source:en.xindapacking.com

Published Time:2016/6/22 10:15:54

01-standard POF shrink film is a new type of environmental protection thermal shrinkage packaging material. The shortcomings of it can not only overcome the PVC heat shrinkable film resistance to low temperature performance, storage conditions demanding, but also avoid the PP heat shrinkable membrane tear resistant performance is poor, PE shrink film the fog performance weak, at the same time, it has high transparent, low temperature resistance, high strength, resistance to rub the comprehensive performance. Therefore, the development is very rapid, from 1998 to 2001 the average annual increase of up to 100%. But so far, there is little research on the POSF production experience and technology, and the related theories are reported less. The introduction of the production line to stay in the general technical level of POSF production, the lack of innovation, and even often because of the preparation process and storage mechanism does not understand and cause significant losses.


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