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Application and Prospect of 01-standard POF shrink film

Article Source:en.xindapacking.com

Published Time:2016/6/22 10:23:52

As the main consumption areas polyethylene plastic film, due to its multi should be used for the terminal consumption and transport links, the development of the relationship between the demand growth and domestic economic situation as a whole greatly, the basic maintained slightly higher than the growth of GDP, the growth momentum and stability, rigid demand. From the soft packaging film production statistics, since 2006, an average of 13% of the rate increase, but also confirms the steady growth of plastic film. Another important area of polyethylene consumption is the plastic pipe, its production is also increasing with the accelerated pace of China's urbanization, increasing the implementation of municipal pipeline construction projects continue to increase. The next few years, urban water supply and drainage, gas pipelines, as well as urban underground power, communication and other municipal plastic pipe jacket pipe will become the focus of development in recent years.